Loosing a key employee to the competition - or worse to his own business.

That key employee doesn't leave but gets sick and stops working but keeps collecting a ||paycheck.

You get sick or injured and can't come in to work for a few months and you spend 10 years
| of savings just to keep the doors open without you.

At the same time, it all falls apart at home because all the cash has to go to the
| business … the kids have to live with less.

That key employee (hey, and that could be you) up and dies on you and all of a sudden
| you have a gaping hole where your profits used to be … not to mention that your family will
| be left holding the bag.

And what about you? One of the main reasons we have a business is to provide for our ||families. If you became part of the grillwork on a Mack truck one day, how would they ||survive without you? I mean really … do we really think that they could deal with the ||customers we've built up over the years like we would or could handle the employees,
| the suppliers … The BANK? Gee, the bank … Do you think?

|Do you suppose that your creditors would be any more understanding? Just imagine
| what could happen to all those years of work if you weren't there to straighten things out …

Do you suppose that the bank would help out in your time of need? Or, would they be just
| as likely right in there pulling the rug out from under your children?

There sure is a lot to think about in business… and sadly much of it doesn't have anything to do with making the money. Just about keeping it on your own terms.

You may be in business for yourself … but you don't have to be by yourself either. There is another way …

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