Of course, it doesn't matter how much I could do for you, unless we meet and have a coffee one day, I might as well be on the moon. It's never easy finding and getting to know people who do what I do … and there aren't many who specialize like I do I can tell you … but I guarantee you'll learn something one way or the other.

The trick is we have to meet and talk. You'll only need about 20 minutes to decide if I'm the type of advisor you need to help you with your business peace of mind. The time I'll take is small but the advantages are very big.

Why not give me a call or CLICK HERE to send me an email and I'll get in touch with you. Send that email right now or pick up the phone. You'll be glad you did.

Gordon Pilkington

Gordon E. Pilkington, CLU, CHFC
"Customizing Insurance Products for
Small Business Owner Security"
Fonthill, Ontario

888.238.7559 or 905.892.3923